Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who am I?

I am a very normal person, the same like you come across, when you are out, i am just a common man, i had been using the internet since past seven years, i used to play games download movies and do all the fun that the internet provides, but as the time changed my view towards the internet changed too, i saw guys younger than me making big money on the internet, that inspired me to start something too, but, i had no one to be my master, i had no specific information, all i had was google, i searched and searched i came across many things that got out my greed for money, i signed up at hundreds of sites but all i found was that it was not legitimate, and the sites which were legitimate, paid very low....
   now i am here trying out stuff that might take me to the success on my path of making money on internet.

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